Crack in the Wall

The Story So Far

The party meets for the first time in a bar called The Spider’s Hour. We have each been contacted by Candyss, who has a job for us. A rich kid name Quinn Marshall came into the Zone two weeks ago for some wild fun for his bachelor party, and hasn’t been seen since. His folks are concerned, and they are willing to pay for someone to look into what happened and hopefully recover him. $25000 up front and $25000 more when the job is completed, split 5 ways.
At this point we have:
Gatz, gunslinger, Nosferatu
Diggs, hacker, Nosferatu
Scott, courier, Mekhet
Jo, courier, Gangrel
Samantha, doctor, human

After some investigation, we are contacted by Kamal, who was one of Quinn’s bodyguards. He demands help for another man from the group, who is suffering from severe lacerations apparently caused by large claws. Once his friend is treated, he shares what they know. Quinn apparently came into the zone for the opportunity to hunt people, along with his soon-to-be father in law, Case Byron, and a handful of bodyguards. Something happened, and the target they were hunting turned the tables on them, killing Case, Quinn and most of the bodyguards. Kamal is certain they are dead, and wants only to leave the zone.

Scott gets wind of someone who saw Quinn in a bar after he supposedly died, until he was dragged off by some goons belonging to Mershand, a local who arranges these sorts of hunts. We go to a meeting at the Spider’s Hour, to update Candyss on what we have learned. When we arrive at the meeting, but Candyss has fallen ill and does not come. On our way out of the meeting, the group is ambushed by Mershand’s men. Following a tense firefight the party forces Mershand’s men to retreat. Samantha learns that Jo is a vampire when she regains consciousness to see Jo eating pigeons. Scott acquires a handy sniper rifle.

Kamal manages to locate Mershand’s hideout, they are located in an abandoned schoolhouse. Quinn appears to be a prisoner. The party plans an attack. Before plans can be set into motion, an object comes streaking out of the sky and into the Zone. It is a manned capsule from one of the Orbital Facilities. Its approach has caused hundreds to flee the area where impact is expected and gather in a park in the Armory district. Tensions are running high between the refugees and the Break Tops, and a riot breaks out. The group is forced to make its way through the riot. Samantha helps rescue some in the crowd. Gatz switches his guns to rubber bullets to avoid killing as we make our way through. We reach the school.

After a difficult battle, made more so by the fact that Gatz is still using rubber bullets, Gatz is down and Jo is nearly so, but we have beaten Mershand’s men. Then a disheveled looking stranger shows up and claims Quinn. He introduces himself as Frost, and is the man that they were hunting. The party is in no shape to fight further at this point. Plus, it’s pretty clear that Quinn is a) a vampire, b) pretty much deserves whatever is coming to him at this point. Frost also says that he can help Gatz. We let him take Gatz and Quinn and leave.

The party splits at this point, with Scott and Jo deciding to investigate the shuttle drop pod, while Samantha goes back to the clinic and investigates the mysterious illness that struck down Candyss. Scott discovers that two people apparently landed in the drop pod, one being a woman. Samantha learns that Candyss is suffering from a degenerative disease common to artifically grown clones. It appears that he and a group of his friends were illegally bred clones for sexual services. He somehow managed to get them free of their manufacturers/owners, but they were now slowly succumbing to this degenerative condition. As Candyss was the oldest, he was the first to succumb. He is put onto life support at the Clinic to maintain his condition until a cure or solution can be found or his money runs out.

Shortly thereafter, the group is contacted by one of Candyss’ associates. They request a meeting at the Spider’s Hour, so the group attends. There they meet Bryce Hanrahan and Quinn’s fiancee, the two who had entered the Zone in the drop pod. We fill them in on what happened to Quinn and her father, namely that they went people hunting and got themselves killed. They pay us the balance of what Candyss owes us, and offer us another job. Apparently not believing that Quinn is dead, the group (now down to 4) is offered $200000 to deliver a message to Quinn and return with a reply to his fiancee. For $50000 each, we accept.

Frost had warned us not to seek him out or contact him again, but Gatz deserved the rest of his pay for the initial job, and would presumably have some idea where Quinn was at. So we gave him a call, but were unable to get a hold of him. We began looking around Easton where Frost had battled Quinn and his bodyguards. We discovered an abandoned house that someone had been using as a nest. There were weird symbols written in blood on the walls and a diary which descended into gobbledygook towards the end. In the basement we found an opening connecting to the sewer tunnels.

We followed the tunnel until we heard noises coming from above. Scott snuck up into another house directly above us, and emerged into a living room filled with zoned out individuals chanting nonsense syllables, and Gatz, apparently caught up in some kind of trance. Scott felt himself being drawn into a similar state, but managed to shake it off and tackled Gatz out of the front door. Once out of earshot of the chanting, Gatz came around and decided to firebomb the building with some incendiaries he was carrying. As the building burned down, he began explaining what was going on to Scott.

The rest of us found another exit from the tunnels a ways away from the flaming house, and emerged to join the discussion. Gatz explained that Frost had been hunting the people chanting in the house before he was attacked. They were a vampire named Gmina, who had somehow slipped the bounds of her own body and begun spreading through the minds of those she came into contact with. The humans she met would be joined with the group mind, while vampires exposed to long with the chanting could develop a similar illness that caused their powers to rage out of control. Frost was trying to contain the infection.

We asked where Quinn could be found. Gatz indicated that he had been sent down into the Tunnels to search for evidence of Gmina there. He then left us, eager to return to the task that Frost had set him on.

We descended into the Tunnels looking for Quinn. Since Scott was using Obfuscate to hide his Predator’s Taint from other vampires, it was assumed that Scott and Samantha were pets/food for Jo and Diggs. A vampire named Moser demanded a taste before he would tell us what he knew about where Quinn had gone. Scott volunteered to provide one, earning himself an enemy and a first stage blood bond.

Moser led us to a vampire named Tucker, who ran a “mission” for vampires who were afflicted similarly to Gmina. Tucker told us that Quinn had gone into the mission but had not returned. He allowed us to go after, with an admonition to be careful of the inhabitants. We proceeded down the tunnels, but we were attacked by a vampire with deformed chitinous features. We wound up incapacitating her with bullets.

Proceeding, we discovered a hatch way leading to an empty water tank. In the tank, Quinn was bound to a chair while another vampire was asking him questions about Frost, in particular where he was and what he was up to. Quinn answered as if under compulsion. Then we were jumped by two vampires. We fought them, and then the vampire who had been questioning Quinn emerged from below. He looked South Asian, and commanded us to stand aside. We were unable to refuse. He then rounded the corner and we heard snarling sounds. Deciding that discretion was the better part of valor, we retrieved Quinn from where he was still bound, badly bruised.

We then retreated to the entrance to the “mission”. Since it was nearly dawn, we asked if we could stay in the tunnels. Tucker agreed, and locked us into two disconnected meat lockers. The next evening, we provided Quinn with his message. He recorded a response which we took back to his fiancee. Scott also inquired about secret techniques that were rumored to be known among the Tunnel vampires, tricks that could allow you to use less blood, or resist frenzy, or stay active in the daytime.

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